Core Team

Praphul Misra

Praphul Misra

Director & CEO of Pvt Ltd

Praphul brings over 20 years’ experience in CRM, direct marketing, business consulting and market research both in India and in the US.

He has designed and managed CRM programmes for leading brands and corporations such as Hero Honda, General Motors, Hindustan Times, Usha Lexus, Discovery Channel, JC Penny and Microsoft (in India & USA).

Notable projects have included the Tata Card (a common loyalty program across various Tata brands), DND Flyway (world’s first toll-way program), Purva Privileges (builder-tenant loyalty program), and India’s first QSR program for Café Coffee Day.

Prior to joining, he was with McCann India (MRM & Momentum).

Praphul graduated with a BE from IIT Roorkee and completed his MBA from the State University of New York, Buffalo, USA.

Manu Dogra

Manu Dogra

Executive Director, Planning & Development, Pvt Ltd

Manu has over 15 years’ experience in public relations and loyalty consulting, and he is an expert in Business Case Feasibility & Analytics.

He was the architect of India’s first Coalition Alliances – & Ansal Plaza Privileges, and has worked on path-breaking projects like Reliance World, Tata Card, and Fame Adlabs Purple Privileges. His present focus is on Corporate Growth and Development initiatives.

Prior to joining, he was with Perfect Relations.

Manu did his BBA from Delhi University and an MBA from IMI Delhi.

Kunal Mohiuddin

Kunal Mohiuddin

Executive Director, Program Delivery & Technology, Pvt Ltd

Kunal has been in loyalty consulting and project management for 15 years.

His last assignment was with Bank of America, where he worked on combining strategy, business insights and technology. As an architect of business and technology solutions, he has conceptualized the world’s first dual currency loyalty programme, integrated across online and mobile platforms.

Kunal has also designed a unique common denominator solution for TVS which operates successfully both at low tech village-based dealerships as well as at high tech enterprise dealerships.

Kunal graduated in Arts with Honours in Economics from Delhi University and did his MBA from IMI Delhi.



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