Mr. Amit Mookerjee

Amit Mookerjee

Marketing Management Area, IIM Lucknow at the Noida Campus.

In the recent past Amit Moookerjee has worked with the Center for Macro Consumer Research as the Head of Analytics and Research. He has also served as the program chair of the Executive MBA program (WMP) at the IIM L Noida Campus, and held the BPCL Chair Professorship, a research chair instituted at IIM Lucknow by BPCL  in the area of Customer Care. Alternating with his academic stints, he has also worked for short stints in the corporate sector, in roles such as the Group Head of Research & Planning at NetCarrots Loyalty Services and at the Times of India Group.

He has been teaching and training in the area of consumer behavior and CRM for the last decade. And has provided consultancy services for firms across diverse sectors such as telecom, insurance, white goods, agro-products etc. He also has executed assignments in the development sector, reviewing market driven development projects, analyzing the value chain and programs deriving support from market mechanism, for NORAD, FICCI, GTZ. He was also a member of the Task force for Research on Quality, QCI, and other committees of the AICTE, and several Business Schools, involved with academic and research issues.

He completed his BA (Economics and psychology), MBA, and a PhD in Management, from the ML Sukhadia University, Udaipur.


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