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Creating a seamless customer experience

Creating a seamless customer experience

The Economist Intelligence Unit | Sponsored by Panasonic

Few consumer-facing companies would deny the need for a convincing presence across a whole array of channels these days, from the web, smartphones and social media to bricks-and-mortar stores. People are now using a variety of platforms to research and buy things, for example, to check prices and reviews online before buying over their smartphone or in a shop. For companies, this presents a whole new challenge. Not only must they be up to speed over a whole range of platforms, but they also have to integrate channels, communications and systems so that consumers can switch between them seamlessly.

For the purpose of this report The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed consumers to ask what they want from companies and how they rate companies for customer service. And we asked company executives about their attitudes to customer service and how well they think they are doing in joining up all of the new technologies in use today.

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