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CIOs in the Lead

CIOs in the Lead: Aligning business and IT in the age of the cloud

Economist Intelligence Unit e-book | NetApp

Businesses are moving to the cloud.

An array of new technologies in today’s workplaces is transforming how enterprises operate and pushing IT executives and business leaders to work more closely together than ever.

One of the most prominent workplace technology trends is the convergence of cloud computing and business-critical applications, or software that is crucial to the smooth operation of an organisation. Research firm Forrester predicts that the public cloud market will increase from $58bn in 2013 to $101bn by 2020, while cloud applications will reach $133bn.

Business-critical applications increasingly rely on cloud systems because employees want easy-to-use, instantaneous access to data anywhere and from any device. Unlike on-premise systems, which have architectural and physical limitations, cloud systems offer nearly unlimited scalability, storage and data-processing capabilities. As such, applications can run more efficiently than in the past and businesses can pursue new growth opportunities, such as expansion into new and larger markets and the development of new products and services.

However, the complete range of potential benefits and risks of cloud systems are not always understood fully by business users. As the pace of business continues to accelerate, organisations must learn how to leverage and apply these new technologies, which will enable them to adapt more quickly to changes occurring in their industries and in the marketplace as a whole.

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