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Deploying Customer Service in the Cloud

Deploying Customer Service in the Cloud
The four phases: from implementation to transformation

Ovum | Oracle | November 2012

One of the biggest challenges facing companies is figuring out how to serve consumers in an environment where customer engagement is rapidly shifting. With the consumerization of customer service taking root, implementing a successful customer experience strategy means enterprises need to be agile enough to serve customers on the their own terms across the entire customer experience lifecycle. To this end a growing number of organizations are using cloud deployment models to power their contact center operations to quickly and effectively engage with customers across a variety of channels including voice, email, chat, social media, mobile, SMS, outbound and video.

Supporting the multitude of channels needed to service today’s customer can translate to significant capital expenditure for organizations as new technologies and processes must be introduced and interwoven with existing care operations. The challenge is to implement and manage these channels in an economically palatable way without any disruption to existing customer care practices.

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