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Teams Score with ‘Fan-Tastic’ Engagement

Teams Score with ‘Fan-Tastic’ Engagement

Mila D’Antonio and Judith Aquino

1to1 Media | Published 03/23/2015

Here’s how the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment are winning the loyalty of today’s interconnected fan.

Sports fans represent some of the most dedicated customers brands can hope for. But while loyalty in sports runs deep, maintaining a high level of engagement is often difficult, especially during an off season.

Marketers for professional sports teams are tasked with fostering a steady stream of fan loyalty but they also face situations where fans are more distracted than ever.

Today’s hyper-connected consumer has access to myriad entertainment choices with rising expectations of an engaging experience. Savvy marketers know that traditional approaches to loyalty are no longer enough and are turning to a confluence of digital and in-game experiences.

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