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Here Comes The Omnichain

Here Comes The Omnichain

Carlos Cordon, Pablo Caballero and Teresa Ferreiro

Businessworld | 4 February 2015

The digital revolution is transforming supply chains. What should your business do to keep up?

Consumers are radically changing the way they shop. The tsunami-like smart phone revolution caught retailers by surprise and has brought with it unpredictable changes that were unforeseeable five years ago.

Consumers no longer use one single channel to shop. They usually mix a number of sources to decide which product they want and where to buy it. Instead of going to a shop on a Saturday afternoon, who hasn’t discovered a nice gadget, gone online to visit the product website, checked a number of forums for consumer reviews and looked it up on Facebook? Once we choose the product, we search the internet again to find the best shop to buy it, either online or onsite, and maybe even ask for it to be delivered to an address other than where we live.

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