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Indian Retail Snowballing?

Indian Retail Snowballing?: 5 Trends from BCG and RAI Report

Chandan Mohapatra

iamwire | February 21, 2015

Retail Industry of India has seen some ground breaking changes and development over the last two decades. As industry experts review the trends and developments, the fundamental strength of the India consumption story continues to surface. Rising income, urbanization and additional shifts validate this optimistic outlook, promising a certainty of growth in the future.

However, the future will have challenges and glitches along the way, forcing the players to reinvent. For instance, the digital revolution has arrived sooner than expected, which completely reshaped consumer behavior and expectation. In this highly dynamic retail landscape, the brick and mortar retailers will have to compete with an increasingly wider set of peers with diversified business models. This poses a challenge of capabilities. Players will need to evolve and adapt their offerings across the purchase pathway to provide a coherent omni-channel experience to the digitally savvy consumer. This also demands building capabilities in talent management and supply chain optimization.

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