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Why Smart Data Is The Future Of Loyalty Programmes

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Why Smart Data Is The Future Of Loyalty Programmes

Martin Meyer-Gossner

CMO EXCLUSIVES | January 26, 2015

If you love shopping, you probably participate in many loyalty programmes.

They connect you to brands and their promotions, and hopefully leverage your product or service affinity towards companies. Their strategy is similar. Companies and brands want to generate customer data in order to profile, cluster and identify customer behavior for a better customer experience.

Whether it is an airlines’ frequent traveler programme, some retailer’s points system or the good old stickers you find in your mailbox at home, loyalty programmes are there to remind you of brands, retain customer potential and reactivate sales, plus they detect the hunters and gatherers – in a smart manner. But how to leverage this smart data in the right context? How to find the appropriate approach to smart data usage for marketers?

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