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What is CRM – A Holistic Approach to Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM – A Holistic Approach to Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce Canada Blog
Dec 18, 2014

Sales, marketing, and customer service professionals love referring to CRM as a technology solution—and with good reason. Average improvements among Sales force customers reflect favourable returns: a 36 percent increase in sales productivity, a 25 percent increase in sales pipeline, a 26 percent increase in sales win rate, a 30 percent increase in revenue, and a 45 percent increase in forecast accuracy. Not too shabby.

A Google search of the term “CRM” produces a number of software results. Of the top 50 search results, 76 percent return information about CRM software systems. CRM is often synonymous with software because the acronym was born of and proliferated parallel to the 1990s advances in business technology. Database software was the earliest revolution of managing customer contacts, spurred by the customer-centric banking and telecommunications industries.

CRM software is a critical component of any company’s success, but a ship is only as good as its crew. A company can have the best CRM system in the world, but has the team formalized a process? How about identifying its people and stakeholders? How do those people and processes interact to drive an organization to achieve its goals?

Now is the time to talk about the big picture of CRM as a holistic system to help drive success.

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