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The CIO’s And CMO’s Blueprint For Strategy In The Age Of The Customer

The CIO’s And CMO’s Blueprint For Strategy In The Age Of The Customer
Four Imperatives To Establish New Competitive Advantage.

Kyle McNabb and Josh Bernoff

Put Customer Obsession At The Center Of Your Corporate Strategy.

Face it: Your technology-empowered customers now know more than you do about your products and services, your pricing, and your reputation. Technology has tipped the balance in favor of the customer.

They can buy anything instantly and have it delivered to anywhere. And in a world of global sourcing and efficient supply chains, your competitors can copy or undermine the moves you take to compete. Your only successful response — the only way to retain customers and their loyalty — is to become customer-obsessed. Here’s what we mean:

A customer-obsessed enterprise focuses its strategy, its energy, and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of and engagement with customers and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional competitive barriers.

Customer-obsessed enterprises invest differently. Some, like, Macy’s, and USAA, have customer obsession in their budgeting DNA. Others, such as Delta Air Lines and Royal Bank of Canada, use the customer life cycle to support a continuous relationship with their customers.

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