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Taking B2B growth to the next level

Taking B2B growth to the next level
Harnessing the power of data integration to provide more powerful B2B solutions

Andrew Pierce, Fred Geyer and Ted Moser
Prophet | December 11, 2014

For B2B suppliers, finding ways to strengthen and increase the value of the solutions they provide is a proven and effective way to accelerate growth. Over time, solutions-driven companies have moved beyond the predictable precepts of “solution selling” and product bundling to solve important customer problems by linking products, services and advice in ways that deliver significant customer value. Hewlett-Packard’s move to link systems integration and networking support to its hardware offering is a classic example of the effectiveness of moving from products to solutions.

Our client work has highlighted the opportunity to move to higher, more integrated and more comprehensive levels of solution delivery by integrating the power of exploding digital data sources, predictive analytics and digital information interchange with customers. These solutions do not merely use big data to target customers or improve how companies promote existing products or services. Instead, they integrate data into the actual solution so the solution adapts and becomes more valuable as a customer uses it.

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