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One Engagement Strategy Does Not Fit All

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One Engagement Strategy Does Not Fit All
Natalie Baumgartner

HBR | November 26, 2014

You’ve probably heard these stories before: A coaching program that worked for one employee failed with another who’s up against the same hurdles. A reward system that increased performance on one team actually led to disgruntled workers in another group. Talent management programs that were a raging success in one instance were replicated in another and failed.

By using the same reward systems, the same engagement tactics, the same coaching programs, you’re managing your employees as if they are all the same exact person. They’re not. So stop treating them like clones.

Managing people as if they are all identical doesn’t work because your people are actually strikingly different from one another. To illustrate this fact, my company RoundPegg recently conducted research that analyzed the personal values held in 763 million one-to-one relationships (e.g., you to your colleague, you to your boss etc.) and found that only 3 people shared the same exact set of 18 personal values.

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