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Customer Centricity in the Telecommunications Industry

Customer Centricity in the Telecommunications Industry
Transformation from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric and Creating Competitive Advantage Along the Way

Pitney Bowes | Business Insights

Executive Summary

Executive leaders across all industries continue to face the most disruptive market conditions in decades. Increased competition has only accelerated; large rivals continue to compete by aggressively buying market share, new entrants are more nimble and substitute products seem to pop up almost at every turn. These competitive forces particularly apply to the telecommunications industry. Within the telecommunications category; competitors continue to slug it out for increasingly demanding customers who treat products and services as commodities and where price unfortunately becomes the only differentiator. Faced by eroding pricing power, telecommunication executives find themselves in a downward spiral of price deflation and profit pressure.

The telecommunication industry consists of telephone companies, cable TV companies, wireless companies and satellite TV companies. For many years, these providers and operators played the incumbent role within their own service area without much thought to competition. The introduction of the Internet changed the playing field forever.

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