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Brand Challenge: Is There a ‘Recipe’ for Going Viral?

Brand Challenge: Is There a ‘Recipe’ for Going Viral?
Kelli Wisuri and Gopi Kallayil

Knowledge@Wharton | Marketing | Sept 19, 2014

It’s every marketer’s dream to see a campaign go viral. However, earning the engagement of a passionate audience can be difficult for many brands, and viral successes like Volvo’s “Epic Split” campaign featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme can be hard — if not impossible — to replicate. For brands looking to get an audience’s attention, is there a recipe for success? According to Kelli Wisuri, an evangelist at Google, and Gopi Kallayil, the firm’s chief evangelist for brand marketing, there is a simple answer to that question: “Brands that meet consumers on their own terms succeed in getting greater reach and engagement.” In the following opinion piece, Wisuri and Kallayil explain why that’s so.

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