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Customer Service the Disney Way

Customer Service the Disney Way

Carmine Gallo
Forbes | 4/14/2011

I just returned from the Happiest Place on Earth in a foul mood.  I’m not mad at Disneyland.  As always they did everything right, providing an exceptionally magical experience for my family.  I’m angry at other customer-facing merchants and businesses who fail to do the simplest things to improve customer satisfaction.

You must understand that as a communications specialist, I experience Disneyland and the Walt Disney Parks very differently than the average guest.  I look for special touches that make customers feel appreciated.  I listen to the conversations between staff and guests.  I appreciate the high level of customer experience training that Disney provides its employees.  Over the past several years, I have had several conversations with leaders at Disney and the Disney Institute.  Here are three things that are done every day at Disney Parks do to improve communications and the customer service experience.

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