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The Analytics Mandate

The Analytics Mandate

As analytics becomes a common path to business value, many companies are changing how they make decisions, operate and strategize

Findings from the 2014 data & analytics global executive study and research report.

David Kiron, Pamela Kirk Prentice and Renee Boucher Ferguson
MIT Sloan Management Review
May 12, 2014

Based on a global executive survey with 2,000+ respondents and interviews with more than thirty executives, MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS Institute Inc. report that analytics has become a common path to business value. Organizations are now being challenged to step up their use of analytics, whether they are just getting started or are seasoned practitioners. The implications for industry competition are coming into focus—companies that incorporate analytics into their culture are finding success in the new digital era.

Few know the thrill of victory using big data better than the U.S. statistician and writer Nate Silver. His accurate prediction of the 2012 U.S. presidential election results for all 50 states made him the toast of Washington, D.C., elevating him to the status of celebrity geek. Television host Jon Stewart of The Daily Show called him “Lord and god of the algorithm.”1 Indeed, Silver’s abilities to identify the right data sources, ask the right questions and apply the right math have turned Silver into gold.

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