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I, Human

I, Human
Posted by Adam Burns

MeetTheBoss Blog
Apr 4, 2014

Would you send a pop-up banner to do the job of a sales person? No? Take another look at your website. Adam Burns thinks more people should harness the power of human connection online.

Imagine this. You really, really like shoes. You’re in town so you click your heels and make for the shoe district, with its rows of retailers dedicated to shoes. You walk into your favourite store. It’s pristine. Beautiful. Bountiful white space bursting with every ballet pump or brogue you’ve ever wanted. But they are all behind glass and no one is around to help you. Do you stay or do you go next door?

99 of every 100 people will walk away. We know this because 1% is the average conversion rate of a website. A normal store would be expected to convert at 20%. The difference is the human touch.
Amazon understands this. Knowing the world’s device manufacturers and high street retailers want a piece of you would sharpen anyone’s game but – even with Amazon’s enviable track record of braininess – Mayday, the single click support solution for its Kindle HD products that offers instant face-to-face communication with a person, is a clever bit of thinking.

(read more – see video)


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