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Customer service in the digital age

Customer service in the digital age – Responding to digital disruption and rising customer expectations

Published by Deloitte, UK
Foreword by Scott Wheatley

Digital is disrupting traditional customer service models – with new customer touch-points appearing against a backdrop of rising expectations.

In our previous paper,1 we outlined how organisations can start to become more customer-centric. Key to this approach was the need to understand and adapt to customer needs and behaviours as they change. Today, we find that consumers’ increasingly ‘digital’ lifestyles are altering traditional customer service models more than ever.

With consumers spending more and more of their time online, social media, smart phones and tablet devices are being adopted faster than ever. Digital customers are now consuming content online and via mobile devices, at breakneck speeds. The sheer pace of technology-enabled change means that we need to explore the way customer service is currently delivered and reassess the role of traditional customer service models.

(read more – PDF)


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