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The Power of Win/Loss Analysis Programs

The Power of Win/Loss Analysis Programs
Jennifer Berkley Jackson

Marketing Insights e-newsletter
Resource Library
American Marketing Association
Published 3 Feb 2014

Win/loss analysis is one of the most powerful research activities an organization can do.  By having follow-up conversations with new customers and prospects that didn’t choose to do business with the company, organizations can gather a wealth of information that will allow them to improve close rates and attract more customers.

Win/loss studies should be conducted on an ongoing basis to make sure that organizations are keeping abreast of the ever-changing mindset of their marketplace and buyers.  As potential customers’ worlds are changing, so are their buying criteria, their pain points and the way they want to be sold to.  At the same time, competitors’ messages, pricing and product offerings are also changing.  Organizations can gain insights and early warning signals about all of these things by doing ongoing win/loss analysis.

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