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Turning Emotion into Engagement

Turning Emotion into Engagement: Utilizing the power of emotion to connect customers to your brand

Published by Circles, a Sodexo company
Copyright © 2010 Circle Company Associates, Inc.

The marketing landscape has been impacted by myriad forces in recent years. An explosion of new media and technologies, economic uncertainty, record unemployment, and heightened competition between brands have forever changed the way brands and customers interact. In today’s crowded marketplace, customer engagement is more important – and more challenging – than ever.

It is an accepted belief that when customers buy products or services, they expect quality delivered with good service at an equitable price. The commoditization of purchase decisions means that the key differentiator is no longer price or product. The real difference in customer behavior – and profitability – comes from customers who are both rationally satisfied and emotionally connected to your brand.

Behavioral psychologists have long argued that only 30% of human decisions and behaviors are actually driven by rational considerations. This means that more than 70% of consumer loyalty and spending decisions are based on emotional factors.

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