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Shopping Is What Consumers Do, Not What Analysts Want

Shopping Is What Consumers Do, Not What Analysts Want
David Sable

Published on
23 December 2013

A lot of pundits get a lot of mileage (not to mention, verbiage) pitting online retail against in-store retail. And the holiday season, with its stacks of sales stats, brings an absolute feeding frenzy of fortune telling.

Trouble is that it’s inane and pointless to draw lines.

People live in both worlds. And, consequently, they’re buying in both worlds. Why? Because they’re buying where it feels right to buy. Where they get the experience that feels best to them.

Sure bad weather can move the needle on a given day. So can good promotions, interest-free offers and last-minute sales. But, make no mistake, the lines between online and in-store are getting blurred. And the brands that are smartest about it know that price alone isn’t going to make it.

If you look at an online brand like Amazon, from a brand perspective, it’s not just about price, it’s about value delivered to customers. And that touches everything from the confidence consumers have in the information and recommendations they get, the experience that packages will always arrive on time (in fact, usually early), as well as widespread consumer belief and attraction that Amazon transformed the way people shop and is thus always a step ahead of the pack.

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