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Free and Easy

Free and Easy: Loyalty Program Benefits That Matter Most Globally
Nielsen Newswire | Consumer

December 2, 2013

How do you keep your customers satisfied and coming back to your store for more? Give them loyalty program benefits that matter most. New findings from the Nielsen Global Survey of Loyalty Sentiment showed that the biggest attraction for retailer loyalty program participants was discounted or free products. But if loyalty program membership isn’t free and easy—or the benefits to the consumer aren’t clear—there’s a good chance consumers won’t join.

Three-quarters (75%) of global respondents said that getting reduced prices—or even better—no-cost products counted the most when joining loyalty programs. North Americans and Europeans exceeded the global average, with 82 percent in each region finding money-saving deals worthy of their participation. Beyond lower prices, global respondents favored enhanced customer service (44%) and free shipping incentives (42%). More than half of Latin American (59%) and Asia-Pacific (53%) respondents valued good customer service. Meanwhile, free shipping incentives prompted patronage for 46 percent of North Americans and 45 percent of Asia-Pacific respondents.

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