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Comic-Con Marketing: Experience the “Experiences”

Comic-Con Marketing: Experience the “Experiences”
Kendall Whitehouse
Knowledge@Wharton’s technology and media editor

Knowledge@Wharton Today
Posted on July 29, 2013

Every July, San Diego Comic-Con attracts thousands fans of comic books and science fiction and fantasy movies, TV shows, video games and literature. It also brings entertainment industry marketers hoping to connect with fans to produce the next mega-hit. Kendall Whitehouse, Knowledge@Wharton’s technology and media editor, recently returned from Comic-Con where he explored one of this year’s marketing trends.

In the marketing arena that is Comic-Con International San Diego, the major Hollywood movie studios and television networks pull out all the stops to gain the attention of the 130,000-plus fans that descend on the city each July. The competition is fierce, pitting major advertisers against one another to have their message stand out amid all the clatter. At this year’s Comic-Con, several major companies hoped to entrance fans with immersive walkthrough environments that allowed them to interact with elements of a forthcoming movie, TV show, or video game — with hopes that sales will follow.

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