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Customers with an emotional connection forgive mistakes

Customers with an emotional connection forgive mistakes
By Hartmut Wolf

Competence of Swiss Post International

Many companies fail to take customer complaints seriously. They lack a willingness to find solutions. Yet, almost every complaint represents an opportunity to build a relationship with the customer. Efficient control is the first step to identifying shortcomings.

Junior professor Dr. Christian Brock from Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany, says, “Customers are definitely willing to make certain concessions. They forgive the company if their complaint is taken seriously and they are satisfied with the end result.” How many mistakes customers put up with depends on their loyalty to the company. If an emotional connection exists, as is the case with most customers of computer manufacturer Apple for example, the pain threshold is relatively high. However, customers are less tolerant if their only connection with the company is of a financial nature, i.e. based on affordable prices.

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2 thoughts on “Customers with an emotional connection forgive mistakes

  1. The filled seats of IPL and the continued support in spite of the damaging revelations would be a classic example of the value of the emotional connect… however the biggest challenge with marketers today remains the ability to build emotional connect… that too in a world where products (and perhaps brands themselves) have a super small lifecycle.

    As a thought what if we made brands/companies more human… and share our dreams and aspirations with our audiences. Learn from sports marketing… which makes a 15 something in Baroda who never touched a basketball follow the path of LA Lakers with great passion? or the car rental wars with a declaration “we try harder”?

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Humanising brands and building an emotional connect with consumers are challenges marketers are faced with today. There’s a lot we can learn from sports marketing – and, apart from foreign examples, IPL in India is a case study for us.

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